June 13, 2022

We’ve built 100s of brands. This is what makes them high performing.

"Great brands don't just make you feel good about their products; they make you feel good about yourself." - Kirby Vann (Creative Director Brand Fit)

1) Clear and Unique Brand Positioning

Positioning is key in branding. It helps you figure out where your brand fits in your customers' minds and connects with them in a busy market. Remember, it's not just about making any brand, but making the right one that speaks to what your audience wants. Successful brands start with clear positioning, showing what makes them special. This guides you towards peak performance, ensuring your brand stands out and powers ahead in the race for attention, connection and loyalty.

2) Focus on Emotional Benefits

Every purchase, from a simple pack of gum to a luxurious car, is driven more by emotions than logic, as proven by neuroscience. Whether we're seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, pursuing security, or aspiring to admiration, our emotions often outweigh factors like price or features. Consider high-end brands: consumers choose them not only for their quality but also for the emotional rewards they offer – whether it's the sense of prestige, the status symbol, or the personal satisfaction they bring. We buy what resonates with our identity, reflecting who we aspire to be and how it makes us feel. Therefore, brands should be designed to evoke emotions; they go beyond mere functions and features, connecting with us on a deeper level and holding personal meaning, which is what earns them love and respect.

3) Creating a Harmonious Brand

Building a harmonious brand means having a clear and consistent brand identity that visually matches your unique brand positioning. This includes elements like your logo, colours, fonts, and overall visual style. Keeping everything consistent across all your brand's touchpoints – whether it's your packaging, website, social media, or ads – strengthens your brand's image and helps people recognise it easily. It's about creating a flexible system that works seamlessly across all the different ways your brand interacts with your audience in today's world.

4) Make the Customer the Hero of Your Brand Story

People only care about how your brand story fits into their own. This is crucial in branding because it recognises that we aren't just absorbing messages; we're looking for connections and stories that reflect our lives and dreams. For a brand to succeed, it needs to seamlessly blend into our lives and stories of its audience, becoming a meaningful part of their journey. By understanding and aligning with the narratives that resonate most with people, a brand can build stronger connections, inspire loyalty, and stand out in a crowded market.

5) Team up with a Creative & Strategic Brand Partner

Teaming up with a strategic brand partner is like having a co-founder who brings creative expertise and valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and avoid costly pitfalls.

Fresh ideas and ongoing creativity ensures you stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Research indicates that businesses integrating creativity into their operations tend to outperform the competition. Take 'Apple' for example. With innovative input from an external perspective, you're primed for success. We act as your trusted advisor, supporting you through every stage of growth and evolution and care about your business success as much as you do.

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