June 13, 2022

We’ve built 100s of brands. This is what makes them high performing.

Creating a successful brand involves careful planning, strategic thinking, and consistent execution.

"Great brands don't make you feel good about their brand, they make you feel good about yourself. " - Kirby Vann (Creative Director Brand Fit)

1) Clear and Unique Brand Positioning

A successful brand begins with a clear and distinctive positioning in the market. This involves identifying a unique value proposition that sets the brand apart from its competitors. This could be based on product quality, innovation, customer experience, look and feel or another factor that resonates with the target audience.

2) Harmonious Brand System

A harmonious brand system is built upon a consistent and well-defined brand identity that aesthetically aligns with the distinct brand positioning. This includes elements like logos, colours, typography, and visual styles. Consistency across all brand touch points, such as packaging, website, social media, and advertising, helps to reinforce the brand's image and build recognition. The brand is considered and built on a system that can be flexible and apply to the many touch points of a modern day brand.

3) A focus on emotional benefits

We know that buying decisions are emotional, not logical. We don’t just buy the number one choice in running shoes, smartphones or coffee. We buy what appeals to our identity, who we aspire to be and how they make us feel. Brands should be built to stir emotion, they run deeper than functions and features. They connect and hold meaning, that’s what makes them loved and respected.

4) Storytelling

Successful brands often have a compelling and authentic brand story that connects with their audience on an emotional level. This story can encompass the brand's history, values, mission, and the people behind it. Effective storytelling helps create a deeper connection and fosters loyalty among customers. Why does your product exist and what pain points does it solve? What inspired you to create it?

5) Creative brand partner

Continuously evolving and growing the brand with a creative partner who can apply their knowledge of the audience, product, and brand to ideate and create long-term strategic growth. This promotes continuity in messaging, design, and brand identity across various projects, events, and products resulting in a cohesive and unified brand image that people remember.

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